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InterPlanetary File System, is an advanced peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed system that revolutionizes the way files, websites, applications, and data are stored, accessed, and shared. It builds upon the decentralized nature of the internet, incorporating innovative techniques from torrents to enhance distribution and minimize bandwidth usage.

Unlike traditional corporate IT network infrastructures, IPFS operates in a decentralized manner, meaning that files and data are not stored on a single central server. Instead, they are distributed across a network, thereby increasing reliability and availability. This decentralized approach also eliminates the need for a single point of failure, enhancing the resilience of the system.

 iSPC Group enables the next generation Web3 version of the internet and leverages innovative solutions like IPFS.  We aim to enhance the resilience of your storage system, accelerate your download speeds and reduce the strain on individual servers, making the overall network more efficient. 


Our team of expert Concierges can help bridge the gap between traditional corporate IT network infrastructures and the decentralized future of the internet.

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